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** Sticky **** Sticky ** This Website is meant to be a long term project with the goal of being a source of information for the repair and restoration of 1979 to 1985 GM E and K Body cars. As such, it is a continual work in progress. Every one's help is greatly appreciated.

10/22/2012 -- The site had it's 2nd Birthday on the 18th. Going for another 2 years! The third year will officially start on November 1st.

I added Scott T. "Riviera Enthusiast's" photos to the Gallery section. It's a beautiful black 1985. Thanks Scott.

10/15/2012 -- Two new additions to our Data Pages are Jayson Pruitt's compilation of Rpo Codes Page 1 and Page 2 and Tom Mooney's collection of Images for RPO Codes from the 1987 Service Manual, the Extensive RPO List.

Jayson's list is made into two pages in alpha-numeric order and Tom's is a one page selection list that takes you to the selected image by alpha-numeric order. Tom's images include years and cars that aren't ours so you can peruse them and see if your code is included.

I have much more work to do with Tom's info, but I have to put it on the back burner for now while I work on the stuff for our 3rd year starting on November 1st.

All of these can be accessed through the individual cars' "Choices Page" and by the end of this week in the "Article List."

Jayson Pruitt has also let me know that there were some mistakes on the "Riviera Text Page" concerning the '83 Grilles and front fascia, which are now corrected.

Thanks to both of you for your contributions.

10/01/2012 -- Well, October is here and a new feature will be "My Special E-Body" a series of articles that will occur only once a year.

The first article is about Mark Bristol's very special 1967 Fleetwood Eldorado. The heritage of his car is very interesting. Read about "Elle" in "My Special E-Body". After this month you can find it in the "Articles" Page under the "My Special E-Body" section.

"Elle" also appears with another photo on the "Eldorado History" Page under the Fourth Generation section. Once again, I have to thank Mark Bristol for his contributions to making our site better. And especially since he doesn't own one of our cars. Thanks Mark. You've helped our historical pages come to life with your photos and article.

If you'd like to highlight your pre- '79 or post '85 GM E-Body car in this new feature just let me know. You know how to get hold of me. If there's a great interest then maybe we could make it a semi-annual article, but not more than that, the site is after all about our 1979-1985 E-Bodies.


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September 11, 2001
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09/10/2012 -- I've been working on an extensive re-work of the "Engines" pages that will include part numbers (A.C. Delco) for Emission Control parts which are essential for a good tune-up and a how-to-do-it on taking compression tests that will be linked from each engine page. Lot's of inaccuracies are fixed also. Still have lots to do though.

Other new pages are being prepared and other existing pages are being revised. I've found some broken links that I didn't know about which should be fixed now.

Some photos on the text pages are clickable and will show an enlarged version when clicked. These will have a double white border and the inner border will turn blue when hovering over it.

The "Tribute To Our Predecessor" page has been revised and uploaded with comments from my personal experience and now includes a photo of the HyVo silent chain courtesy of Sean Doole. Thanks Sean. Mark Bristol has gratiously provided two photos of his 1966 Toronado "Goldie" for the "Tribute " page also. Such a beautiful automobile. Many thanks Mark B.

Rob Graboske from the 1979-1985 Facebook E-Body Forum Group has just bought an '84 "T-Type". His photos are in our Gallery now. It needs a little work and I'll look forward to seeing how it progresses. Thanks to you for those Rob and have fun.

One thing that is in effect immediately is that I'm now using the "Creative Commons License" seen at the footer. It allows anyone to use the websites material as long as they credit me, the site, or the owner of any image that they use. It can't be used commercially, and if they use it or change it they have to share it under the same terms. Although it is legally binding, it still relies on an honor system.

All of this is in preparation for the Website's third year, officially starting on November 1st. There will be lots of changes, some minor and some big, I think that you'll like them.

08/09/2012 -- I want to thank Jeff Storke from the 1979-1985 E-Body Facebook Group for setting me straight concerning the GM codes for our cars. I've made appropriate changes in the "Commonspecs" page and with his permission quote his post. The page is not complete and I'll continue to work on it. Thanks again Jeff.

There probably won't be too many new articles for awhile as I'm literally trying to "fill in the blanks" on a lot of the data pages.

I will also be going through the slow process of checking each and every page to ensure that they meet the coding standards that I use today.

07/18/2012 --- Sean Doole has given his permission to include his Album of his 1981 Riviera for our Gallery List. Thanks so much for your contribution Sean.

06/16/2012 --- With grateful appreciation, Chris R. Green has added photos of his 1979 Toronado to our Gallery. Thanks Chris.

06/05/2012 ---- I've changed the "Guest Book" button to a "Comments" button. It still goes to the guest book page, but I'm hoping that you will use it as a quicker means to contact me than the webmail link.

New articles are about our drive belts. Part One is general information and Part Two is adjustment procedures. Part Three isn't finished, but will be a belt usage list for all of our engines through out the years. It will be big, so it will take time to finish. Both articles can also be reached through the Article List in the left Menu section, but for a quick look these are the links:

Drive Belts - General Information
Drive Belts - Adjustments
Buyers Guide

The Buyers Guide is a Tip page and is only meant as a helper guide. This is entirely open for your new additions and suggestions.

As always, I welcome critiques, additions, and corrections. Just use the "Contact Me" link or the "Comments" section. Thank you all for bearing with me during this last half year and returning even though I haven't been active for so long.

12/04/2011 ---- Finally, I have some new Articles uploaded. They are both about the A/C system used on our cars. The first is for the owner who doesn't know much if anything about Air Conditioning and is titled Basic Air Conditioning and the second is about R-12 to R-134a Conversions

Both Articles can also be reached through the Article List in the left Menu section.

As always, I welcome critiques, additions, and corrections. Just use the "Contact Me" link.

I've brightened up this update page with some Icons. I hope you like it.

11/14/2011 ---- Gratefully I have to thank my multi-talented oldest son, Jason J., for his efforts to successfully recover the newest files I had been working on for our site that I lost last month in my computer crash. Thank you so much my son.

Let's all wish Nathaniel Olivo a very Happy Birthday on the 15th.Those of us who are members of Jayson Pruitt's Facebook Group know that Nathaniel is an important contributor to the Group, and I personally know him to be a great guy. Happy Birthday friend.

I will be adding to the Articles Section. The Article List is a new selection page that will take you to individual Articles alphabeically. It will be added to periodically.

Right now I'm working on articles for the Air Conditioning, I have more that are almost finished for some other areas.

October 18th marked the 1st anniversary of our website being on line for testing. Although it wasn't known to anyone until late December. I'm really happy with it so far, I still feel guilty about it not being very complete. I wish that you guys, anyone of you, would offer to contribute articles, suggestions, and comments.

I devoted quite a lot of time to helping some of our E-Body Buddies with their problems during the last few months, and I'm going to use that research information for new Articles.

Hey, there are almost 260 visits to the Guest Book and only 8 comments, half of them mine!! If you are new to this site, please leave a message and let me know that you were here or what you think about our site.

08/02/2011 ---- Thanks to Jeff Tarr for his pics and mention of the difference in the Riviera tail lights from 83 and earlier and the 84-85's. It's reflected in the Riviera Text Page. Also thanks to Donovan (jase386) for his pic on the same page showing the rounded edge of the '83 and later front fascia's. A '79 to '82 pic will be coming soon.

Changed pages -

  • Riviera Text Page
  • Buick 252 engine - Still not complete
  • Buick 231 engine - Still not complete
  • Oldsmoble 307 engine - Still not complete
  • Oldsmoble 350 engine - Still not complete
  • The "Guest Book" Page - Moved the input up to the top and added some color for easier reading

07/23/2011 ---- The Menubar problem is resolved. I've changed the "Group" Button Link and hopefully it will bring up the latest Group page now

07/22/2011 ---- Argh!! I'm having big problems with the Menubar now. Please bear with me.

07/21/2011 ---- I've put up a test page for a Gallery Feature, with a new Button. It links to Facebook Albums in Jayson Pruitt's Group page. It's only for testing now, but it is functional.

07/05/2011 ---- There is another Site Feature button in the Menubar now. It's the "Group" button. Clicking it will instantly take you to Jayson Pruitt's '79-'85 E-body Facebook Group. It will eventually be on all of the site pages so you can access the Group from anywhere on our "E-Bodies" site, but right now it's only two clicks away from anywhere (HOME and GROUP). I'm not sure yet if I'll keep the Facebook icon or not. If you want, you can tell me your opinion on the icon in the Guest Book.

The Credit Page in now online also.

07/03/2011 ---- We've REALLY gone International !!!

The Site Owner of Cadillac Seville.org, Antoon, has notified his Cadillac friends at the Cadillac Club.nl of our Site. It's a Dutch language Cadillac Club in the Netherlands and we've gotten some visitors from there all ready. They most probably speak English, but since we don't speak or read Dutch you'll need to use a translator program to read their site. Thank you Antoon.

I am sorry if this translation to Dutch is different from what I meant.

Ik wil zeggen welkom aan alle leden van www.cadilacclub.nl die zijn gekomen om onze website. Het is niet mijn website, maar de onze.

Het is de bedoeling dat voor alle '79-'85 E "&" K Body eigenaren en liefhebbers over de hele wereld.

English translation:

I want to say welcome to all of the members of www.cadilacclub.nl who have come to our website. It's not my website, but ours.

It is meant to be for all '79-'85 E "&" K Body owners and enthusiasts across the world.

Antoon's site has been dormant for awhile. It's mostly about earlier Sevilles but he's told me he has much more information than what is available on his site now, So if you would like to see more of it you can let him know. You can reach him by the Contact Link on his Home page. Please mention that you are a www.79-85gm-ebodies.org visitor.

All of us know that we've seen well established sites for our cars disappear this year. I sure hope that Cadillac Seville.org isn't going to be one of them.

Cadillac Glenn came through again with another correction and also with info about production numbers for the Eldorado that he requested from the Cadilac Customer Assistance Center. Jayson Pruitt sent me info about the 3.8L turbo engines with F.I. and Jeff Tarr from Jayson's Facebook page sent quite a compliment on the Guest Book, and a suggestion about including the newer '84 and '85 taillights.

Corrections, suggestions, and any other ideas that you may have such as these truly make it a site built by us. It makes it "our" site. It will just keep getting better because of your contributions to it.

Updates this time include:

  • A 231ci 3.8L Engine page (not complete)
  • Some added info on the Olds 307 page.

Neither of these are finished and they will include much more soon, including detailed tables for each.

  • Various Text pages have been revised with additional information.

I know that this doesn't seem like much, but I've also been working "in the background" to make the site better.

You may have noticed the lower black bar below the site's Logo. This is what I call the MENUBAR as opposed to the Menu column on the left and it will be a "logistical" menu for reaching site features. It will be expanded as features are added.

06/16/2011 ---- Once again I need to thank Eric "Cadilac" Glenn (aka "Eldorado Eric") for his help in straightening out the Riviera Engine options section on the Riv Options page. I'd also like to thank Jayson Pruitt ("Sosuzguy") for confirmation. The table was a very confusing set-up for me but I finally have it right, with the exception of the Calif. Emission engines which aren't included.

  • Riviera and Eldo "Options" pages - the Model options are complete for the Riv but still needs work for the Eldo. I've added a couple of paragraphs to the Eldorado Text talking about the Eldorado Touring Coupe
  • Misc. small changes to some other pages:
    • Riviera Choices
    • Riviera Text
    • External Links

I'm working on the individual Engines sections and the Toronado section next.

06/04/2011 ---- OOPS! I forgot to upload the image files. Here's a new list of uploaded files:

  • All of the "Choices" pages
  • All of the "Hist" pages
  • All of the "Text" pages
  • All of the "Options" pages
  • My Sitemap is fixed

06/01/2011 ---- I've uploaded revised pages:

  • Revised all "Choices" pages
  • The "Eldorado Text" page now has photos and I'll keep adding them to the other text-based pages also as I receive them. Credit will be given in My Credits page when it's ready.
  • The "Altsitemap" has been updated as has the "Sitemap Page", but it still needs some work.
  • I'm working on the Buick Engine pages
  • and I'm trying to get all of the "broken" links taken care of.

05/29/2011 ---- For us in the United States of America, this is an important time. 140 years ago our Congress passed a declaration making this day a time of remembrance for all of the fallen during our Civil War. It was meant to remember both deaths of those in the North, and in the South. They were our brothers and our family

Today it's a time of sadness and of happiness. We remember all of our fallen from all of the wars, and we celebrate what they have preserved for us. A Democratic Republic in which we can take pride in. It doesn't matter what our political beliefs are at this time, we share both sadness at the loss and happiness for what they helped to keep for us. May they never be forgotten.

05/24/2011 ---- The corrected and expanded Eldorado Options Engine tables are complete and uploaded. They will be a basis for the same tables for all of our cars. I've seen that there's a problem with the Menubar links for the new look pages and I'm fixing those immediately. Please bear with me for a while.

05/17/2011 ---- I'd like to thank Eric Clyde Glenn from Baltimore, for his E-Mail to me informing of a mistake on the Eldorado Options page, in the Engine Options table. He pointed out that the 4.1L (258 ci) V6 was a "Credit Option" for the years 1981 & 1982, to replace the 368ci V8-6-4. I've reviewed my notes and research and I'm re-building the table, adding a little more info. It should be uploaded in a day or so.

Eric has owned five of our generation Eldorados, three 1981's, an '82, and his current 1985 Eldo. I also see that he's a new member of Jayson Pruitt's Facebook Group 1979 to 1985 E-body (Riviera Eldorado Toronado). Which I encourage everyone to join. It's free and it's public.

Also check out Jayson's Wordpress Blog "Restoring Rivieras"

Both of thes sites will be included soon in the "Links" page available from all of the car sections and the Sitemap.

Thank you Jayson for allowing me to include information from your Group page and for letting me include both your sites in our web site.

Thanks so much Eric, and thanks for your suggestion and comments also.

With contributions like Eric's, this will truly become our website.

05/05/2011 ---- There's a new look to the Menubar and Infobar now thanks to Michael Strombone. He's been instrumental in writing new, more efficient code behind the cosmetic changes for this Home page and still keeping it to my original vision. Thank you Michael.

The MapMyUser widget has been dropped. They changed it to have a "Sticky" on the page and that kind of "in your face" thing isn't for our site. It wasn't that useful anyway when only one person at a time usually visits the site.

Because of all of this and what I implemented on 4/24/11 I've increased the revision number to 4.0.0, a major revision.

Always keep in mind that this isn't carved in stone. If you've got ideas, suggestions or comments, please let me know either in the GUEST BOOK or by E-Mail

04/24/2011 ---- From now on this Update section will only show the current month's updates. The previous month will still be recorded in the complete Update Page.

In an effort to make the site more readable at higher screen resolutions I've increased all of the logo sizes and also the font sizes. Please let me know if this makes your experience easier.

04/18/2011 ---- I've added a GUEST BOOK to the Menubar. It will look better later but for right now I just wanted to give everyone who visits the site an easier way to say, "Hi", leave a comment or anything else you'd like to say. So if you're visiting just to look, or especially because your an owner, or would like to be, please leave a message!!

Also, I've started to optimize the site for the higher resolution of 1024x768 pixels. I had originally written for 800x640 but I realize that most users have the higher resolutions.

04/14/2011 ---- I added extra content to the Riviera Text page and made grammar corrections as suggested by Michael.

04/05/2011 ---- Thanks to Michael this Home page now meets more stringent coding which will make it even more inter-browser compatability. Eventually all of the pages will meet these standards, but I really have to get back to the content first. Thanks Michael

04/02/2011 ---- I'm happy to credit Michael Stampone for his creative contributions and insite. Michael is helping me make the site look and function better. Thank you so much Michael. He is building a resource website for HTML and when it's ready for general review you'll see the link here and on the "Credits" page.

03/28/2011 ---- I just uploaded new pages for the Eldo and Riv that have been:

  • Revised for SEO as much as I can for now.
  • Checked for plagiarism with www.searchenginereports.net
  • Validated with W3C
  • Tested with 5 of the major modern browsers.
  • Checked at screen resolutions of 800x600 and 1024x768.

I'm still plugging away at this.

03/03/2011 ---- Verifying with Google for even more testing. Minor adjustments to some pages.

01/17/2011 ---- I took the last three weeks off. Working on eliminating broken links, even though they just say "not ready yet". I don't want to use "Under Construction" gifs. The Riviera History page is pretty much complete, but not quite.

12/24/10 ---- I'd like to say Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone.

12/17/10 ---- Added some rudimentary pages for the Olds and Cad engines, the Riv Text is being re-written and the beginning is uploaded. Made some minor typo changes thru-out.

12/13/10 ---- Added "Common Specs" to all cars "Choices" Menu, it will be more complete later. Revised the Intro Page, it's used by the bots and comes up in a search. Don't be surprised by the site hit counters showing only a few hits. I'm testing a few different ones. Site search feature added to Home page Menubar, but I don't know if I'll keep using this one.

12/9/10 ---- Testing Site Search and Site Counter/Stats

12/6/10 ---- Added Eldo and Seville Options pages, there's some gaps. I want to included standard equipment and not available notations later. Changing individual specs to a common spec sheet.

11/30/10 ---- Sorry about the delay in getting the new stuff uploaded. There's a new "About" page, an "Engine Problems" page which doesn't cover the Buick engines yet, but they really don't have many problems at all, and I'm working hard on the "Options" page, and the Specs pages. I think I might put the individual specs pages for each car into one common specs page.

I'd really like to hear your thoughts about the site. Contact Me here

11/24/10 ---- Just uploaded a bunch of pages with mostly Search Engine optimizing changes. Working on the Specification pages now. Slowly but surely.

11/21/10 ---- I've changed both the left and right margins on every page so that all of the text will be shown, and I've made it fully justified. It makes for a more pleasant reading experience. I've always liked fully justified text and I don't know why I didn't use it before.

I've made some minor corrections on some of the pages and will be working on Search Engine Visability for the next few days, then get back to work on the substance of the site. I want to have at least everything on the Sitemap point to some real page even if it's incomplete for now.

Hang in there everyone it won't be long now. Send me more e-mails okay?

11/19/10 ---- I've just been made aware of a problem that some of you may have encountered. In the I-frame (where this page is) you may have some of the text on the right side being cut off by the scroll bar. I've also seen this but it doesn't seem to be there all the time. It's really annoying to see this and have to scroll horizontilly to see just a little more of the text. Even more annoying is to not be able to scroll. If anybody is still experiencing this problem please write to me. --- Thanks to Jason J. using IE-8 for this heads-up.

I've taken the original Introduction page to the "Purpose" page which also has the reason and goals of the site. You can reach it from the primary menu at the left under the heading "About This Site"

By the way, this page (the Home page) is the only one that uses an I-Frame. From now on it will only be used for Updates and other new notifications.

11/17/10 ---- I've added some minor things. There's an "Update" date above the Left Menu area now. I also added a neat little widget at the very bottom of this page. It shows the location on a Google Map of everybody that's viewing the site at the time you click it. It shows a bunch of other stuff that's more an interest to me as the Admin than to anybody else. It's free so if any of you want to use it in your sites just download the thing from:


11/15/10 ---- I have to make a correction to my note of 11/3/10. IT WAS NOT a problem with WebsitePalace.com it was a problem with the "OPERA" browser that caused me to have LOGIN problems.

I've got the Photo Gallery started, but I'm not too sure how it works yet. It will be accessable from the MENUBAR. I've more work to do on it because I can't access it with the http name that it has. I'll keep you posted.

I now have a permanent address to contact me, and it's reflected in the new permanent Contact Page.

11/3/10 ---- I see that the bots have found my site even though I haven't submitted it to the search engines yet. The form and function of it are finished, but I'm still working on the substance of the site and it's still in the testing phase. I'm finding that my site host won't give me access to upload new pages as I need to and the advertisement for it is really annoying. When it's ready for actual use I hope to upgrade to a paid site and get rid of the ad.


I hope you enjoy it,