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The Seville - 1980 to 1985

Seville Choices Page

In 1980, the Cadillac Seville was moved to the new FWD GM K platform, similar to the GM E platform-based Cadillac Eldorado. It replaced the rear wheel drive K platform used in the 1st generation. The K-body designation is used for sedans; similar coupé models used the nearly identical GM E platform. The GM G platform (FWD) was also based on the K. Unlike the E-body, the K designation has been exclusive to Cadillac.

The second generation of the Cadillac Seville was produced from 1980 until 1985 and was exclusively a four-door sedan. This generation had the bustle-backed body that has been the subject of much controversy over the years. In addition to front wheel drive, the second generation of the Seville also shared the independent rear suspension introduced on the E-Bodies in 1979. With the exception of firmer suspensions on certain E-Body models, the Seville's frame was for all practical purposes the same one.

Sales for the second generation seemed to be going well at first, but in 1981 when the V8 6-4 variable displacement gas engine proved to be problematic, sales fell dramatically.

Engines for the second generation included the 368 6.0 liter Cadillac V8, the 368 V8 6-4 variable displacement, the Olds 350 gas and Diesel 5.7 liter V8's, a 4.1 liter Buick V6, and the 4.1 liter HT4100 Cadillac V8.

Interiors were very similiar to the Eldorado and almost all interior parts will interchange with all of the E-bodies except for the front seats, door panels, roof side trim, and the headliner.

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