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Oldsmobile 350 Gas Engine

Produced from 1968-1980, 1968-1974 350s were painted gold; 1975-1976 350s were metallic blue like the 455; 1977-1980 models were painted GM Corporate Blue. The "Rocket" name disappeared from the air cleaner decal in 1975, the same year that the catalytic converter was added to the emission control systems. Output ranged from 160-325 hp (119-242 kW).The Oldsmobile 350ci/5.7L was a continuation of the late 1970's era engine. Even today it is one of the most reliable engines ever built by General Motors. From 1977 to the end of it's production it had what are called "windowed" crankcase main bearing castings, which are called webbing. That part of the engine casting which supports and holds the crankshaft were not solid but had openings in them to reduce weight. From 1968 up to and including 1976 they were solid and these earlier blocks are better suited for performance modifications than ours. It was available in all of our cars in 1979 and 1980 after which the engine was discontinued in favor of the Olds 307ci/5.0 L engine.

Carburated versions only used the mechanical type Rochester carbs while Fuel Injected versions used the Analog Mult-Port type system in California and Throttle Body Injection for the other states. The Fuel Injected models were only available on he Eldorado and Seville cars.

Almost all internal parts and external accessaries are interchangeable with the newer 307ci/5.0L engine. The major exceptions being the pistons and their associated parts, and the carburater and distributors.

General Specs

Year Comp. Ratio Torque @ RPM H.P. @ RPM
All 8.1:1 155@5400

Tune-Up Specs

Year Timing VIN Comp PSI S plug/Gap*
All 15o 9 100min 20% var RS-46SZ/.080 A329C
**V8 Cylinder and distributer diagram**

Firing order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-3-2

Distributor turns Counter-Clockwise

Maintenance Items

Fluid Capacities

Oil Cap Coolant Trans Diff/Fnl Dr. Power Strg. W/Washer
4+1 qts 16 qts 16 pts


Air Oil Fuel P.C.V. Air Inj. Charcoal Can.

Build Specs

Year Bore Stroke Comp. Ratio Torque @/RPM H.P. @/RPM
1980 4.057 3.385