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Cadilac 368 Engines


The Cadillac 368 cu.inch and 368 variable displacement (V8-6-4) engines were both good, strong, and dependable engines. There were problems with the variable displacement engines, but they were concerned with the computer and not the engine itself.

Also see Engine Problems.

Tune-Up Specs

Year Timing VIN Oil Cap# Coolant S plug/Gap* Air Filt* Oil Filt* Fuel Filt*
All 9 4+1 qts 16 qts RS-46SZ/.080 A329C
**V8 Cylinder and distributer diagram**

Firing order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-3-2

Distributor turns Counter-Clockwise

Maintenance Items

Fluid Capacities

Oil Cap Coolant
4+1 qts 16 qts


Air Oil Fuel P.C.V. Air Inj. Charcoal Can.

Build Specs

Year Bore Stroke Comp. Ratio Torque @/RPM H.P. @/RPM