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Buick Quick Tune-Up Specs Referance

Two Buick engines were offered on our cars, One a Turbo and the other normally aspirated. In 1984 the smaller 3.8 Turbo engine which had been Carburated, was changed to a Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injected. Also in 1984 The larger 252/4.1L was discontinued.


Maintenance Items

Engine Timing Comp PSI Idle Spd. S plug/Gap*
231ci/3.8L 15o BTDC1,2 100min 20% var 650 in Dr. RS-46SZ/.060 A329C
252ci/4.1L 4 100min 20% var 4+1 qts 16 qts RS-46SZ/.060 A329C

Filters and Fluids

Engine Oil Cap# Coolant Air Filt* Oil Filt* Fuel Filt*
231ci/3.8L 4+1 qts 16 qts
# +1qt. with filter change * A.C. Delco or equivalent

Early 252 engines used a different distributor. I'll address this in a revision

All 231 and late 252 Ignition System

**V6 Cylinder and distributer diagram**